Saturday 9 January 2010

The Needleprint Infinity Bridegroom's Hearts will be arriving any day soon.

We are putting the finishing touches to the charts for the Bridegrooms' Hearts ready for you to download any day soon. Here is a little preview of a model stitched by Tokens of Love Erica Uten. Make lovely pillows for Valentine's Day, Anniversary Gifts, Ring keeps for Weddings or something special for the Dear Hearts in your life.


  1. Oh my heck...this is just beautiful. I am so enjoying your blog. Whenever I have time to search the web I go to your blog first. Beautiful inspire me. Thank you so much.

  2. This is very beautiful and I love it. Can't wait till its ready. I love hearts.

  3. RHĂ„AAAAAAA! So georgeous!! I love so much! Thanks for this wonderfull idea! Love.Couson

  4. This is beautiful and just perfect for me to stitch for my husband's stepson's wedding in September - just have to fit it in between stitching Mary Wigham and the Ackworth SAL!

  5. can you explain a little about the hearts
    i am wondering "bridegroom hearts"
    is this because a bride groom gives his heart to his bride. Just wondering. Also did it originate from the tudor days.
    i can see this on a linen, matching kneeling mat and ring cushion.

  6. All will be explained tonight, I hope we can finish in time!

  7. Well i am off to bed now in australia.
    so in the morning
    first thing will have a read. It sounds so exciting. Jacqueline thank you for adding a richness to our lives, i am learning so much.
    Just wish i had found you earlier.