Tuesday 12 January 2010

Bonhams 14 January Edinburgh - and one that got away today

If I hadn't had so much in my in-tray, I might have spotted earlier this little sampler finished by Emily Sarah Crick on a leap-day, February 29th, in 1840. It was auctioned by Bonham's at Knowle today and realised the princely sum of £48.

However, there is another Bonham's Auction with samplers and needlework related items in Edinburgh in two days' time. Below you can see a sampler by Charlot Clark from 1821.

There are also a number of lots of Mauchline Ware which feature stitching accessories. Mauchline is a village in Scotland, which like many other communities economically stranded by the Industrial Revolution, was casting around for a way to make money with its traditional craft base. In the 1820s two Mauchline brothers, William and Andrew Smith, set up a factory to make snuff-boxes. Out of this venture, in which Andrew was and remained the leading spirit, grew an industry which was to dominate the market for wooden souvenirs during most of the Victorian era. All the items feature a transfer printed vignette of a tourist destination from where, presumably they were sold. The trefoil pin cushion below has a view of the Ruins of the Old Abbey, Reading. I really must go and visit!


  1. o the Scottish village, will we ever have a chart. just beautiful

  2. Wonderful, thanks, I love all Scottish things