Saturday 30 January 2010

Celebrating Needles - L'Aiguille en Fete 11-14 February 2010 - Paris

I am very sad to have to miss the unmissable l'Aiguille en Fete this year. But don't mind me - buy your plane and Eurostar tickets right now. This is a fabulous event, the like of which we do not see in the UK. Every February this huge, buoyant and inspiring fair takes place in Paris. More recent years have seen the event located from the Porte de Vincennes to Grande Halle de la Villette in the area of les Halles near the Pompidou Centre. The first time I visited I was a little concerned that it might be tricky finding the exact venue from the metro stop. Not so, you would have been able to see the stitchers and knitters converging on this event from outer space. You don't need to book - just turn up:
11-12 February from 9am - 7pm
13 February from 10am - 7pm
14 February from 10am - 5pm
If you are thinking of going as a group, get a rope and tie yourselves on - or first thing agree an easy to find spot for a meeting-up place for members who go adrift. This is the mummy of stitching events.

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