Thursday 13 March 2014

Thank You For Caring About Hascombe

Thank you, thank you to all of you who signed the Council petition to object to the building of 2 industrial units by our village pond. We were a bit fearful as the application went to council yesterday evening with a recommendation from council planning officials that the application for the units be accepted. We were all wondering which planet we were on... But the good news is that once the application had been presented, one after another the elected council members spoke against the application and it was rejected. This is such good news because now the whole of the council's planning officers have to focus their energies on making the case against the units as no doubt the decision will be appealed. So we have a bit of a respite and time to feel a little as though we are back on good old common sense planet Earth until the appeal. Your objections were one of the pivotal factors since it was mentioned that the number of objections had been unprecedented. Thank you, thank you.

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