Thursday 6 March 2014

Les Cartes Postales Brodées * Agnès & Louis Delage * $60 £30 Including shipping

I realised just now that I have been posting blogs every day with the odd exception since 2009. This is as long as my friend's father sent daily postcards with all his love to his wife from the Front during the First World War. It is absolutely astonishing that they mostly all got through. I hope the postmen and boys on their bicycles received some recognition. If not, let's lift our glasses to them for all their courage, pedalling through the war.
People tend to associate embroidered post-cards with the war - but it was not always the case. The fact was, the war intervened. This gorgeously illustrated book is a bible of embroidered cards.
Again, it is an oversized hardback and is beautifully photographed and produced and contains birthday cards, Christmas cards, New Year's cards....
Joyful Easter cards....
and of course, being French cards for the notorious Poisson d'Avril - April Fool's Day.
The book even contains patterns for a variety of pretty alphabets and stitching instructions.
This totally delicious book has 128 pages and measures 8" x 12" (21cm x 31cm). I am sorry, this book is now sold.

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