Tuesday 4 March 2014

A Diligent Scholar Is An Ornament To A School

I was rather taken by the bold heading to this sampler. It is Lot 322 for auction at Dreweatt's Donnington Priory Saleroom on 12 March 2014 and is described as a George IV needlework sampler. It was worked by Ann Maria Livermore, aged ten years in 1828. Framed and glazed it measures 52cm x 40cm (21" x 16") overall and has an estimate of: £200 - £300. For more details, click here.
This sampler, though not a great beauty, is very interesting. Can you see why? It is Lot 418 for sale with Louis Taylor on 10 March 2014. A Victorian woolwork sampler it is entitled: A Specimen of Solomons Temple and was worked by Sarah Ann Wilson. What is interesting is that she has stitched: Work Finished in the Year 1855. Clearly this work is still a few stitches short of a sampler, and perhaps Sarah put in the completion details more in hope and expectation of completing it the same year. Sadly, something happened and the work was put aside. So perhaps we should always exercise caution in how much weight we place on the given completion date of samplers - they may have been finished a year, if not more, later. This sampler measures 24" x 24.5" and has an estimate of: £40 - £60. For more details, click here.
Lot 921 for auction at Paul Beighton on 8 March 2014 has vestigial signs of being a Norfolk School sampler. It is a late sampler for this school. Dated 1863, it was probably worked by Frances Bartlett of Great Yarmouth, born 6 October 1850. It measures 12" square and with three holes near the name has an estimate of £50 - £80. For more details, click here.
Lot 77 for sale at Clevedon Salerooms on 13 March 2014 is a George III oval needlework map entitled England and Wales, worked by F. Taylor 1799. It measures 55cm x 49cm (22" x 20")and is in period gilt frame with gilded black glass mounts. The estimate is £200 - £300. Click here for more details.

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