Monday 17 March 2014

Rhode Island Historical Society Samplers On-Line

The Rhode Island Historical Society, believing that a sense of history is fundamental to understanding human experience, collects, preserves, and shares materials from Rhode Island’s past, so that present and future generations can comprehend more fully their predecessors, their communities, and themselves.
And in addition, they are working to make their collections accessible - so thank you RIHS for telling us about your on-line sampler collection. There are 103 wonderful samplers for you to enjoy. But before I give you the link, when reading about the society, I saw that they had had a water-event. This is something we know all too much about in the South of England and I would ask you to consider making a donation to the society, if only to thank them for your entertainment in seeing their samplers - why not consider it an entry ticket - and maybe the gas in the car tank saved? Just click here to read how you can make an on-line donation.
Thank you! Now click here to visit the Rhode Island Historical Society sampler collection.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this extraordinary link. The samplers are breathtaking.