Thursday 20 March 2014

6 Queen Elizabeth A1 Posters + Resource Handbook + Guide to Hampton Court Palace * £20 €30 $55 Shipping Included

This is quite a spectacular set of printed resources. First there are 6 large sumptuously colour portraits of Queen Elizabeth I each measuring 60cm x 44cm - 24" x 17" (that's 2 feet by 1.5 feet!)
The portraits are The Coronation Portrait (at the top of the post). The Darnley Portrait above
The Phoenix Portrait
The Ditchley Portrait
The Armada Portrait
The Rainbow Portrait. They come together with a special resource book of 32 pages which is a study guide to each portrait plus lots of background information on Elizabeth and her court.
Then there is a beautiful full colour guide to Hampton Court Palace.
with 48 full colour pages of information and history for you to enjoy.
I am sorry these items are now sold.

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