Monday 24 March 2014

Meetings With Remarkable Women * Christine Binroth - Curator Museum of European Culture in Berlin

I love these happenstance moments when you meet special people. Just recently an email from Christine Binroth appeared in the Needleprint In-box and I am delighted to tell you more about her. Since 1989 Christine has been working as a conservator for textiles in the Museum of European Culture in Berlin.
During her watch, she has had to oversee two moves of the textile collection and the merger of the collections of East and West Berlin. Now the Museum of European Culture is part of the big institution of the State Museums Berlin, which conserves important culture heritage like the fabulous Pergamon Altar and the Gate of Babylon. Together with a colleague, Christine has the care of more than 30000 textiles from Germany and several regions of Europe. The pair are jointly responsible for conservation, documentation, representation and storing of these objects. The basis of their work is preventive conservation.
You might just be a little over-excited to learn that in the collection are conserved more than 1000 samplers, most from different regions of Germany, but also including a selection of samplers with English language. And above you can see a very interesting example which is the only one I know of from the Blue Coat School of Christ's Hospital Hertford, which has now relocated to Horsham.
I'm looking forward to autumn of this year when Christine will have a publication about textile diversity in the museum. Christine tells me: I wrote a little article about English samplers and the beautiful books of Needleprint helped me to know more about these great samplers. That is so nice to know! Just recently the European Museum of Culture has been nominated for the European Museum of the year Award 2014 .  Many congratulations! Below you can see an example of other charming textile items from the museum - these charming cross-stitched children's shoes. Click here to visit the Museum's Facebook Page.
And every first Saturday in the month there is a meeting at the museum of a textile group - you can see them above. Do you have a textile group active in your museum - we'd love to hear.
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