Wednesday 12 March 2014

A Lead in the Vanderbilt Tablecloth Mystery - Can You Follow?

Jeanine in Canada has emailed to say that This tablecloth was produced a second time for "Mr. Bache of New York". I haven't been able to locate this second one either but I had a lead that a Mr. Jules Bache's personal effects were absorbed by the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The Cooper Hewitt Museum told me that they don't have it but I was unable to get a response from the Met. If this rings any bells with you or you can help further please let us know. Update 1: Jules Bache was an executive at Chrysler Corporation. He was a substantial patron of the arts, particularly Italian arts. In 1937 he opened his magnificent art collection to the public, and in 1943 gifted some of his works to the Detroit Institute of Arts. In 1944, the remainder of his collection was given to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. So does anyone have any information about the Detroit Institute of Arts these sad days? Update 2: Jules Bache also sold some articles at public auction in New York at Kende Galleries at Gimbel Brothers, 19-23 April 1945.
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