Sunday 20 October 2013

Where Can Peggy Find Kits for Fladsting, Kontursting, Kædesting, Langsting, Knuder?

Peggy ask us:
Years ago, when we were living in Denmark there was a Händarbejdets Fremme shop in Copenhagen where I used to buy embroidery kits that featured several types of stitching, fladsting, kontursting, kædesting. langsting, knuder, osv. I am looking for such kits now and find only cross-stitching. Less interesting to me, especially for someone just starting to embroider.
Is it possible to buy kits like this today ?
I have a granddaughter who is adept at sewing and knitting and I would like very much to get one for her, and a couple for me too.
Thank you for your assistance with my search.
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