Friday 11 October 2013

Previously Upcycled - Sacred Stitching As Upholstery

I have always wondered whatever happened to all the wonderful embroideries that existed in convents and churches prior to the reformation. Of course, time and mite took their toll. Also those metal-scavengers who blight our environment to this day, who would have had all the gold thread off an orphrey as quick as lead off a church roof. But there must be something remaining of all that work. Surely? The answer to that plea is to be found here, in part - quite literally. Judging from some of the items in the Waddeson Rothschild collection, we can see how panels on precious dalmatics with their irresistible geometry could be re-envisioned as a seat cover. And, below, how sections of an orphrey made panels for a chair. Sadly, repositioned in this space of heavy use, their lifetime would have been rendered so much shorter than their habitual use. But the fact that these items have survived, gives me great hope that there are many more out there - perhaps you know of some?

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