Tuesday 15 October 2013

20% Discount On The Feller Needlework Collection @ Ruth Kern Books Until End October 2013

Great news if you are in the USA, Ruth Kern is offering a 20% discount on The Micheal and Elizabeth Feller Collection Volumes I & II if you order before the end of this month. Ruth is a major seller of needlework books in the USA and has now started a blog. Her first topic is nearest and dearest to my heart - my other, very necessary half, Richard Holdsworth FRPS. Click here to see Ruth's special offer.


  1. What a lovely article. I'm currently re-reading the two Feller collection books. I'm half way through volume 1 and will now appreciate the photographs all the more knowing the effort that went into taking them.

  2. Lovely to get a perspective (no pun intended) on the work of photographing all those samplers! The Feller collection books have the BEST pics I have ever seen of my favorite subject...thank you Richard for all your patience in bringing us those luscious pics!!

  3. Thanks for those words of support! Needless to say I feel a true affinity with samplers now. It seems like my words got a bit scrambled mid Atlantic - maybe Ruth re-typed them, but I'm glad you got the gist! Richard.