Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Free Giveaway Draw - Josephine Lembrechts' Sampler Chart From The Museum for Heem- en Oudheidkunde in Kontich

You can see this stunning sampler worked by Josephine Lembrechts in the Kontich Museum, Belgium. Kontich lies on the southern outskirts of Antwerp - a fascinating and wonderful place to visit. A beautifully produced chart for Josephine's sampler for €15 is available through Naald en Draad in Roermond (for more details, click here) and one copy has very generously been sent to me for this week's giveaway.

Kontich Museum is looked after entirely by volunteers who often have a day job too! Though the museum is small, it has a collection of around 150 samplers and also many long samplers - souvenirs de ma jeunesse , of which some are about 8 or 10 meters in length, and are typical of convent schoolwork.

This year the samplers were given a room of their own with some samplers on the wall but a lot more in the drawers. Every sampler is on display. Visitors just have to ask the attendant to open the drawers. If you are planning on a visit - the Museum is only open on Sunday afternoons - then email Erica who will make sure there is a Lapzussen to show you the long samplers, too. (The Lapzussen is a group of about 30 women who are interested in samplers and work for and around the collection in Kontich. Dear Hilde Schollen, who is now no longer with us, was the founder in 2004. Some of you might remember her from the Ackworth events.)
If you would like to enter the draw, then simply click on the flying angel below to enter and I'll announce a winner next week, 28 October 2013. Good Luck!

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  1. What a wonderful place to visit. I love the darning sampler! I want to do one next year.