Wednesday, 9 October 2013

She Has My Heart

Some time ago we had a giveaway which featured designs based upon the tapestries at Cluny, Paris. In response to the post Karen sent me this image which had been the design for a tapestry she had worked. It just so happened I was, at the time re-reading Dante's Vita Nuova, written in 1295, describing his experiences of love for Beatrice. In one sonnet Dante tells of a dream he had when Love held in his hand my heart, and in his arms my lady, asleep, wrapped in a blanket. Gently he awoke her and fed her my burning heart. At first reading I was quite shocked by the image this invoked, but then was gently reminded of the symbolism of the flaming heart by this exquisite 15th century tapestry, which is also in Cluny.

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