Thursday 31 October 2013

Embroidered Baskets & Samplers @ McCord Museum, Montreal, Canada

It is wonderful how many museums are making their collections available for on-line enjoyment and research. I guess it has taken volunteers and staff many hours to prepare and describe all the items and we can only appreciative of their efforts. The only downside is perhaps a lack of rigour or strategy in the naming of parts. Not all stitched items turn up under a search for embroidery and then again you might get a different set for a search of needlework. The trick to unearthing everything is to try as many search terms as you think may have been used to describe the items that interest you.
To find these lovely baskets on the McCord Museum web-site, I entered embroidered for one and needlework as the search term for the other. They are both Huran-Wendat work from the mid 1800s and are stitched with cotton thread and moose-hair on birch bark.

The McCord Museum in Montreal Canada has 14 samplers for you to enjoy on-line including the examples you can see here. You can find a baker's-dozen by entering sampler as a search term....

...however, can you find the other? Click here to start your search.


  1. I had the opportunity years ago to make an appt. and see the sampler collection at the museum. But I didn't see these beauties! They do have a great collection, but of course it's not on display

  2. Those baskets are amazing and so intricate...I have always loved the birch bark baskets.
    Cheers, Susan