Saturday, 12 October 2013

Love to Shop * Temporary Measure * Keswick, English Lake District

I am often asked to recommend nice shops for stitchers as they tour through various counties of our lovely isles. This is not always an easy task, since so much is in flux on the shopping streets and sadly, much is closing.

In the northern Lakes, in picturesque Keswick - with its old moot hall, hikers' shops and superb theatre on Lake Derwentwater - you can find Temporary Measure. Whne I first visited, I thought it was just that, a shop that would open and close and be gone by my next visit.

In fact, the shop has stood the test of time, it is a reall delight to visit and is still there! It also incorporates a rather nice tea and cake shop. Most of the items are just darling, and wonderful to contemplate if you have young relatives or new babies to make gifts for. While the emphasis of the shop is on knitting there is also a range of their own printed fabric for sale.

What is there about a vast assortment of babies' bootees in pastel colours that is so attractive?

They are the simplest and most delightful items for a newborn that you can knit up quickly - so quickly, you might be tempted to make a different colour for each day of the week....

Bunting is another of my bĂȘtes noires and I particularly like this idea - which could celebrate anything from a newborn to a welcome to my house for a nice cuppa! Click here to visit Temporary Measure for yourself.

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