Saturday 5 October 2013

Abilmente * Vicenza, Italy 17-20 October 2013

Vicenza comes pretty close to the centre of the Universe for me. Quick train hops get you to Milan, Venice, Padua, Bologna and Lake Garda. But that is to overlook Vicenza itself which s a beautiful city surrounded by Palladio's villas in the surrounding hillsides. Abilmente (Crafty) is a huge fair, the leading exhibition in Italy for handcrafters, with over 50,000 visitors at its events.

As with all events like this there are many courses and demonstrations and devotees will have the opportunity to try their hand and take inspiration from the experts thanks to over 1000 lessons and demonstrations. There will be exhibitors from all parts of Italy and overseas, who will show materials for creative sewing, embroidery, lace-making, weaving, patchwork, d├ęcoupage, scrapbooking, country painting and much more.

The special exhibition at this event will be dedicated to the world of patchwork, with examples from many artists. For more details of this event, click here.

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