Wednesday 11 September 2013

Where the Antelopes Roam

And then I was watching an American Antiques Roadshow and glimpsed this gem - a rug, I know, and not technically needlework at all - but I had to share it with you. I guess the first thing I thought of was those wonderful Norfolk school samplers with the stepping deer described by Joanne Lukacher (see book jacket at the end of this post and click on it for more details.) 

But this is a rather late example of a Bashaish rug - about 1880. And it is covered with antelope, not deer, ranging over hills and forests.

But they antelopes do look as though they are stepping....

and those look like some sampler trees to me - though they are pomegranate and not apple....
I think this rug should inspire some stunning new sampler designs - if it hasn't already! Below you can see the front jacket of Joanne's Book, Imitation and Improvement, click on it for details of how to purchase.

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  1. I think this rug looks a LOT like the Swedish and other Scandinavian rugs and weavings Joanne discusses in the book! I was struck by the similarity even before I read what you were saying, Jacqueline!