Thursday 5 September 2013

Can You Help Anna Identify These Pictures?

Anna is putting the finishing touches to a needlework research paper and would dearly love to be able to use these images - the problem is that she found them on the internet and doesn't know the artists or the location of the pictures. If you can help her in any way, please click on the flying angel on the right hand side bar to email or leave a comment. Thank you.


    aller sur ce lien, descendre beaucoup
    la première image semble une oeuvre de
    Joseph Arthur Palliser Severn (British, 1842-1931)

  2. Thank you very much - and to everyone who has emailed - it is so good to have your help and expertise - I really appreciate the time you take to help.

  3. Yes, many, many thanks to everyone. I really appreciate all of you taking time to look this up. I've got a couple of potential leads. Wishing everyone a great weekend.

  4. Vous semblez avoir la solution - les solutions. J'ai cherché en vain la seconde image. J'aimerai savoir l'auteur. Merci

  5. 48h après, pas de réponse... avez vous la solution , l'auteur de la seconde image ?
    Merci de la partager.

  6. Moi aussi, je vouderai savoir l'auteur... on attends toujours...