Sunday 29 September 2013

Elizabeth I & Her People * National Portrait Gallery, London * 10 October 2013 - 5 January 2014 * Free Jigsaw Download

A little known painting of three Elizabethan children presenting what may be the first portrait of a guinea pig will be displayed at the National Portrait Gallery, London, during its forthcoming exhibition Elizabeth I and Her People supported by The Weiss Gallery. The portrait depicts three unknown children aged six, seven and five with a beige, brown and white guinea pig, cradled by the little girl at the centre of the group. It is possibly the earliest-known depiction of this animal in a portrait. Popular in Europe as exotic pets, guinea pigs were introduced from South America by Spanish traders. their way of life.

Elizabeth I & Her People explores the remarkable reign of Elizabeth I through the lives and portraiture of her subjects. The Elizabethan period spanned over forty years and was a time of extraordinary enterprise. The known world was expanding through maritime exploration and trade, literacy increased, cities grew in size and the economy flourished. The new opportunities for wealth creation and creativity in this period also led to the rise of the middle classes. The exhibition includes many outstanding paintings of Elizabeth I and her courtiers including explorers, and soldiers, and enchanting portraits of her female courtiers. Visitors will also come face-to-face with lesser-known Elizabethans including butchers, goldsmiths, brewers, merchants, writers and artists. These will be shown alongside artefacts from the period including exquisite jewellery, books and coins, which give a fascinating glimpse into that age.

To download the jigsaw - Click here next Click Open, then click the .EXE file name and click Run, when you see the jigsaw puzzle, click Play Too many pieces? Try clicking on Trays on the top tool bar to create any number of resizeable trays to sort your pieces ........ you can also click the Cheat button and watch the puzzle solve itself! The software is by David Gray designer of Jigsaws Galore - the powerful jigsaw player and creator for Windows.

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