Friday 20 September 2013

Dolomites Light & Sweet

I have to say I am already missing the brightness and clear air of the Dolomites - beating trails at 9,000 feet is a really special experience. Finding exceptional dining facilities in the middle of nowhere at 9,000 is not only special but life-enhancing. The Dolomites are scattered with refuges which are not the primitive affairs you might imagine. These are clean, bright, warm, service-led facilities that serve varied menus of delicious food typical to the unique culture in which Italian flair overlaps Hapsburg no-nonsense, rib-sticking goodness. I just had to bring some of this home with me and this book with its knitting pattern jacket was irresistible.

From the 3 books available in this range - first courses, main meals and desserts and cakes, I chose - well, you can see for yourself. More for Richard than for me, I tell myself! It is a prettily produced book with recipes in 3 languages, Italian, German and English, so I'll not have to keep checking spoon-size translations all the while.

Each page has recipes and souvenirs from the Dolomites.

And below are the books that got away... just not enough room in my luggage - though I have just discovered that I can buy them on-line from The Light Hunter Shop.

And not just the books - some suitable costume aprons for serving up the dishes too! Click here to visit The Light Hunter Shop.

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