Wednesday 25 September 2013

A Collection of 7 Quaker School/Family Books $70 Including Shipping

The following books form an important research resource for Quaker schooling and family history and I am keen that they stay together and go to a good home. They are all used books and have seen a little life so in one or two cases they are not in pristine condition:
Polam Hall - Story of a School by Kathleen Davies. Polam Hall, Darlington was founded by the wealthy Quaker Backhouse family and took on teachers from Ackworth School.
The History of the Mount School York 1785- 1814 : 1831 - 1931 - H. Winifred Sturge and Theodora Clark. The Mount School was founded by the famous Quaker Tukes and had strong links to Ackworth School.
History of the Friends' School Lancaster - Ralph H. S. Randles. The school dates back to the early days of the Quakers and the history starts at 1690.
Charlbury of Our Childhood - Caroline Pumphrey. A delightful Quaker family history.
A Family Affair - Kathleen Binns. A history of a Bradford Quaker family 1900 - 1911 several members of the Binns family attended Ackworth School.
Ackworth School - Elfrida Vipont Perhaps the best history of Ackworth School.
Early Lancaster Friends - Michael Mullet.
I am sorry these books are now sold.

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