Sunday 8 September 2013

Shakespeare's Birthplace Trust On-Line Textile Collection

The Shakespeare's Birthplace Trust now has their textile collection on line which includes some fine pieces such as this English gentleman's night cap of around 1610.

It is of linen embroidered with coloured silks, silver and silver-gilt thread in detached buttonhole, herringbone, speckling, chain and plaited braid stitches and knots; cap is cut from a single piece of linen with four shaped quarters and a turned up brim; each quarter contains a composite plant of rose, borage, pansy and strawberry enclosed within a coiling stem; small scale versions of the same plant decorate the brim.

There are samplers also. The large sampler above in Ann Hathaway's House depicts Faith Hope and Charity, resembling one in the Micheál and Elizabeth Feller Collection

The sampler above is a rare James II embroidered band sampler, signed Elizabeth Herne May 10th 1687.

The embroidered jacket above was worked about 1610 on fine linen. The front is embroidered with gilt scrolling branches, terminating in leafy tips in shades of green and yellow; the background sewn with silver spangles. It is laced up back and hooked up front. It is thought to have been worn by Eleanor Cave, who married Sir George Beeston of Beeston Castle, Cheshire in 1609. She was widowed in 1611 and subsequently married to Sir Thomas Roe at St Margaret's, Westminster on 15th December 1614. Roe was Ambassador to Jahangir the Mughal, 1615-18 and to the Sublime Porte (Constantinople), 1621-28. Lady Roe accompanied him to the latter. She died in 1675.

Above and below you can see an early 17th century coif worked on linen with blackwork embroidery in silk and gilt thread.

Made in the first third of the 17th century this embroidered pillow has a ground of white silk satin. Its two corners still retain silk acorn tassels. To see these treasures for yourself, click here. (Enter embroidered in the search box.)

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