Friday 6 September 2013

Antiques Roadshow - Another Stuart Panel Found In House

When it featured on the Antiques Roadshow some time ago I was rather astonished to hear that this panel had been left behind with the house when its owners sold up. I should change my estate agent for someone who can find me this sort of property in future!
In the clip which you can watch below, Hilary Kay identifies the central figure in this panel as the symbol of the Sense of Smell or Oderatus. There are a number of illustrations for her - one sedate one by Crispijn de Passe the Elder of 1590,
one with a rather scurrilous verse by George Glover of 1630 which implies having a dog with you is always a good excuse for any bad smells - see below.

And then one I really like by David Teniers the Younger from the second half of the 1600s.

Hilary mentions a print by Thomas Johnson of 1630 which I have been unable to find for you. I think she means a print sold by Johnson but which was actually engraved by Simon van de Passe (a son of Crispijn) like the Animalium quadrupedum, auium, florum, fructuum ... veræ delineationes in æes [sic] incisæ. A Booke of Beast, Birds, Flowers, etc. [Plates by S. de Passe.] Sold by Thomas Johnson 1630.

And while Hilary thinks the motifs around the panel were copied by the girl from a book of engravings, I rather think that they were drawn and arranged as a total design by a more expert hand for the girl to stitch, possibly under tuition from an experienced needleworker.

Whatever the history, for we cannot be certain, this wonderful panel was valued at between £3,000 - £5,000. Quite a find in your new house!

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