Monday, 23 April 2012

Embroidery Journal Draw Winner & Randy Pausch

Why Randy Pausch, you may ask. Indeed, I asked myself the very same question. A few days ago I had never heard of him, I was simply catching up a little with what is new in publishing. His name was mentioned in a case-study and so I went to You Tube to find out more. As some of you will know I am an ex academic with extended roots in geekdom and amongst other things, something that is beautifully named autopoiesis. So when I saw the You Tube video, I knew I had found a kindred spirit. Titled The Last Lecture it belongs to a series of lectures from academics who were asked what they would say if they had an hour to sum up all their wisdom. It just so happened that Randy was terminally ill by the time his lecture came up, and so it is his last lecture. Maybe you would like to see this too. It is about an hour long. And before you watch it you might like to know that the winner of last week's draw is Margaret, who I think is in Florida. Congratulations, Margaret - and more give-aways to come, for those who entered unsuccessfully this time.

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  1. He also turned the lecture into a book before he passed away about 1 year ago. Amazing man.