Monday 9 April 2012

Ella Sprung's Waney Edge Ash Frames

You know how it is - you pour a breakfast cup of tea, take a slip (a slip is a slip of a morning tongue - or perhaps it is a cross between a sip and a slurp - in any case I thought I'd let my Freudian slip stand for your amusement.) and suddenly a light comes on in your head...? Well, I suddenly saw one of Ella's waney-edge ash frames round a sampler - I was thinking multiplication sampler, but I didn't have the right image to play with - so instead I pulled out these two samplers at random and photoshopped them in her frame. She can custom make these to any size. Just click here for more details.


  1. Aren't they lovely? When first perusing Ella's site, I had to go and look up "waney-edge" (isn't it nice that the internet lets you do all these things so easily?) I'm just in love with this look!


  2. Hey Jacqueline - thanks for posting (and for the great idea!). They would look really good in combination I think. There are of course all sorts of woods to choose from, and no frame would ever be the same as another. So yes, anyone who's interested - please do get in touch.