Friday, 20 April 2012

Marilyn Garrow

Apart from auctions and sampler dealers, there are a number of well-established experts who specialize in exceptional textiles, which also include samplers and related objects, so it is useful to know who they are. In 1983 Marilyn Garrow sold Oriental textiles at Liberty’s, Regent Street, London. She specialized then in Chinese robes and Oriental embroideries. Reading, studying and dealing extensively, she increased her knowledge to cover hand woven, printed and embroidered textiles from all parts of the world. In 1989 she opened the Marilyn Garrow Gallery in Barnes, London, where she has staged a great number of exhibitions. She also sells on-line. Above is one example - a late 18th century French letter-case with cream, pink & green silk with spangles & pearled metal thread embroidery of ribbons, bows & tassels & loop fastening.
Above you can see a detail from a very beautiful 17th century Portuguese embroidered panel, with unusual imagery of a mermaid surrounded by exotic flowers and birds, deer, monkeys and snakes. Held within a scolloped border.
Above is another detail from Castello Branco colcha (bedcover) from Portugal. The entire panel is worked in polychrome floss silks on an ice blue silk background. The central medallion has a perching bird but often these centers contained the monogram or armourial of the family by whom the cover was commissioned. To see more of Marilyn's pieces, just click here.

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