Sunday, 8 April 2012

An Eggstraordinary and Happy Easter

Volker Kraft's apple tree in Saalfeld, Germany had 18 eggs for Easter in 1965. Then the Easter Rabbits got very prolific with their deliveries and last year the tree had 9,800 eggs, each beautifully and uniquely decorated - and blown by his family. How many this year, I hear you ask. Ten thousand! You can now see here what develops after 47 years, when the tree grows, the wife blows the eggs and the children start painting, he says. But Volker says he's stopping now, he doesn't have room to store them all unless they fill up his bed. A Happy Easter to you all!


  1. That's truly amazing, what dedication.

  2. That tree is amazing! I was going to dye eggs lots of different colours this year as a surprise for my children, (in the old German tradition) but could not get any white eggs - all the shop eggs are brown and the colour does not take very well. Hmmm