Saturday, 7 April 2012

Spring is Sprung (Apologies to Ella and Eppie)

People often ask me what I like best. I am sure you are are asked that, too. For me, I am grateful for my life and the inspiration that there is on every corner of my life. I love my family and I always have to hold my breath when I think what a lot of talented, kind, hard-working, fun, young people we are privileged to call family. You probably know I am a Holdsworth and that I married a Holdsworth. And because of that I have amazing in-laws, one branch of which is the talented Sprung family, my sister-in-law's girls. This collection of crocheted thingy-me-bobs is just something whizz they pulled out the other day.
Eppie, is the younger Sprung - now a Sprung-Dawson since her marriage North of the Border a couple of years ago. She is a dedicated teacher, and I think young people could not have a more dedicated role model and caring advocate than her. (And yes, that is Richard in the yellow linen jacket.)
Ella is the elder Sprung and I have known her since she was just a pair of big eyes under a mop of blonde curls - but somehow she always had a violin or fiddle about her little person. She is now a trained eco-engineer and carpenter.
Here you can see one of her beautiful creations in cherry and ash - a book box - that was made as a present. She does take commisions and you can see more of her work here, just click here.
Oh, yes, she also plays the Nyckelharpa, talks a bunch of languages - Swedish, Roumanian - and is the kindest of hearts, as are all her family. Happer Easter dear Holdsworth-Sprung-Dawsons!


  1. They look like nice girls, and my husband plays the nyckelharpa too! (got it from Leif Alpsjo in Uppsala a few years ago)

    1. Hi! Nice to hear your husband plays the nyckelharpa - it's a small world! We're just setting up the UK Nyckelharpa Society and having various events all around the UK - is he in touch with all of that scene?

    2. hi Ella, I will pass on the link,thankyou!