Wednesday, 4 April 2012

History Today - 11,000 Articles On Line for as Little as £7.95

If you have a week's holiday on the horizon, then I have excellent plans for you! If you are a lover of history as well as textiles, then there is a great resource waiting for you. History Today is a a UK published magazine that now has its archives available on-line. So you can enjoy studing images like this embroidered Bible given to Elizabeth as a New Year's Gift 1583-84.
Here is another image, this time a wood cut showing Elizabeth with her symbols of power - and look, she has another Bible or prayer book beneath her royal sceptre.
These images are from just one special edition published May 2003, and it is replete with many portraits of Elizabeth - many rarely seen, like this Sieve Portrait.
So for £7.95 you get a whole week's romp through the History Today archive. For £15 you can spread your pleasures out over an entire month. Or if you are just too busy to give it all your time, a year's access costs £70. Click here for more details.

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