Saturday 28 April 2012

Merchant & Mills Sewing Necessities

Saturday and time for a shopping spree - how can it be that I have reached the end of the month (nearly) and not spent anything at all (well, hardly - just a bit...)? Too busy working and having fun with the new book is the answer. So, today a splurge. I have no idea what came over me, but I just fell thimble over pins for this oilskin necessaire or huswif. Yes, when the new book is safely with the printers, I am going to run away to sea and take up extreme stitching again!

Or make that the Dolomites - some great klettersteigs are calling - listen, can you hear them? Now I shall have a sewing kit that will survive the rough and tumble - and probably quite a bit of tumble.

Having said that, these robust huswifs come in the most elegant boxes - better leave that at home for safe keeping. Or maybe stowing some really nice silks in, because I don't need to keep that huswif in a box, really, do I?

Because there is a splendid oilskin tote to carry it off in. Now is oilskin the poor girl's leather - or is oilskin the new leather? mmmm
Oh, I've just noticed these Sheffield thread clips that hang from your 3rd finger as you sew leaving the rest of your hand free to manage the needle and thread.... oh, well, next shopping day, mustn't spend it all at once!

PS And they do great stationery......

They do this Sew Cloth Together eye test on china mugs, too - really nice gifts. Click here to see the fun and attractively organized Merchant and Mills Website.

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