Sunday 1 January 2012

Happy New Year!

It is traditional to give the New Year greeting of Health, Wealth and Happiness to all. But I'll settle for Just Peace everyday. May you enjoy Peace and have the enjoyment of bringing Peace to others in 2012.
And talking of Peace - you might like to pick up your pins and Knit for Peace. Knit for Peace is an initiative of the Charities Advisory Trust that encourages women (+men) from different, often historically hostile communities to come together informally to knit (or sew or crochet). With a shared common goal, differences in race, religion or caste are irrelevant, and individuals come together to knit peacefully.
Bobbies on the beat do it! (Is it my imagination or do bobbies really get younger every year...??)
Britsh summer sun-worshippers do it! In 2012 even you can do it! Go on, knit a piece for Peace sake!
Click here for the Knit For Peace Blog.


  1. New Years Greetings,
    I am especially pleased that you chose the words "Just Peace" for a New Years wish. It is my sense that peace and justice are, or should be, linked. Peace without justice does not endure. May we all work in our homes, neighborhoods, and communities for a just peace for our families, friends, and neighbors.
    Rose Huskey

  2. A Happy New Year to you, Jacqueline!

  3. Thank you so much for mentioning our work on your lovely blog. Do keep in touch as we have lots of plans for Knitting for Peace this year.