Tuesday 31 January 2012

Shibden Hall * Halifax * UK

Talking of Halifax - just a mile from the city centre and at the bottom of the street where my sister lives is Shibden Hall. Built in 1420, just 5 years after the Battle of Agincourt, it is one of the oldest halls in England.
Because it is so close to our second home and because since I was small, Shibden Hall was almost a playground for me, I forget to tell people all about it.
It is a wonderfully atmospheric place, with original heraldic stained glass in the windows and, concealed beneath the panelling, the originall Elizabethan painted plaster - you will have to ask a guide to unlock the paneeling to show you, but they will be happy to do so.
In the early 1800s, the building was much remodelled by Anne Lister - considered a somewhat scandalous woman for her time. Anne was a landowner, industrialist, traveller and prolific diarist who shared her life with her female lover at Shibden Hall in Halifax. Inheriting the historic hall from her uncle in 1826, Anne Lister lived there until her death in 1840. She left behind diaries containing the most intimate details about her personal life, some of it written in a code which has only been broken in recent years.
Upstairs in the red room is a wonderful early 17th century four-poster bed which sadly has very sad coverings and deserves some wonderful stitching if anyone has a needle going spare.
To visit Shibden Hall web-site, click here.


  1. When I read your site, I realise how much I miss the Uk,

  2. Beautiful, thank you for sharing!

  3. Beautiful! What a gift to have it so near your home. I would be there all the time. :)