Friday 27 January 2012

Abbey House Museum Samplers On-Line

Families of samplers are fascinating - though they can be frustrating sometimes! These three graces which you can see in the Abbey House Museum, Leed, on line collection are worked in polychrome wools on a tabby cloth. The first sampler in the set (above) was stitched by Hannah Brook in 1775. It is unfortunate that Hannah Brook is a very common name and difficult to pin down, though it must be suspected, given the materials of the sampler, that she lived not too far from Leeds.
The second sampler is also dated 1775. This time it is one worked by Ann Brook - again another common name. Were these two girls sisters? Or cousins? It is hard to say. I am not sure if I had two daughters whether I would name them Ann and Hannah, for all the confusion that could arise when calling their names.

The third sampler by Martha is more closely related to Ann's than to Hannah's - so were Martha and Ann sisters? If only the name Martha Brook did not appear in such a legion around this date, then we might be able to make some headway with this puzzle. But do go and visit the Abbey House Collection on-line. Simply click this link.


  1. The colours are wonderful - hard to believe how long ago they were stitched!