Sunday 8 January 2012

Natural Beauties * Inspiration for Your Mirror Project * Free Jigsaw to Download

I spent a few hours going through some of my old photos that I hoard for inspiration and saw this one which I love to bits - and I thought you might find it an inspiration in the A Mirror To My Art Competition. I am constantly amazed by the beauty of nature - no matter how small, how insignificant, I am always consumed and thrilled by it. I remember one year, walking in Scotland, we were becalmed on a Munroe by a dense mist and decided to wait it out. It took a couple of damp, cold hours before the mist lifted, but in that time I inspected and sank into deep fascination with just about every blade of grass around my feet, marvelling in their variety, and I was almost (the first time I typed almost here my fingers created almoist instead - a true Freudian slip!) sorry to move on.
I hope you enjoy your free jigsaw download today. However, sadly, this is not going to work for Mac users. Instructions: Click here next Click Open, then click the .EXE file name and click Run, when you see the jigsaw puzzle, click Play Too many pieces? Try clicking on Trays on the top tool bar to create any number of resizeable trays to sort your pieces ........ you can also click the Cheat button and watch the puzzle solve itself! The software is by David Gray designer of Jigsaws Galore - the powerful jigsaw player and creator for Windows.
To find out more about A Mirror To My Art Competition just click on the image below.


  1. When I clicked on the puzzle link, it just sent me to blogger to log in...not to the puzzle as it usually does.....

  2. I am so sorry Debbie - thank you for telling me - the link is now fixed for you.