Sunday 29 January 2012

Brightwells Auction House for Textile Sales * Leominster * UK

With the sad news that Bonhams has withdrawn from selling textiles, let me introduce you to Brightwells of Leominster who have 3 or 4 textile sales a year with some special samplers turning up there, too. Click here to visit their site.
You can also shoe-horn in a number of sampler viewings since you can look back over auction sales for the last 4 years - just click here for that link. When you click a catalogue, scroll down on the next screen until you can see Textiles - then click throught the indicated pages.
I rather like some of the very old dolls that turn up there - particularly pedlar dolls.

But I have never seen a pedlar Ted with trays of haberdashery before! I think perhaps we should have a competition soon for a pedlar Ted - keep watching....

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