Monday 2 January 2012

Announcing a Major Needleprint Needlework Competition * A Mirror To My Art

And a first prize of £500 because 2012 is a special year for us! We shall be publishing Volume 2 of the Micheál and Elizabeth Feller Needlework Collection; are hoping that the Ashmolean Exhibition of the Collection will be scheduled for the end of 2012 (if not then, it will be 2013); it is also the year of the London Olympics; and we are hoping that for Her Royal Majesty this Diamond Jubilee year will be an annus mirabilis at last. Many of you know that Needleprint was founded with 3 aims to: open up the world of needlework, by making images of needlework more accessible; conserve needlework collections for generations to come; and promote needlework. So today, I have great pleasure in announcing this major Needleprint needlework competition that will have a first prize of £500 (or dollar, euro, yen equivalent). The objective is to design and stitch a cover for a handheld mirror - the sort of mirror you might pop in a handbag. Design notes, sketches and drawings will be judged together with the finished item. There will also be an under 16 prize - and a tutor's prize - for anyone setting up a class to facilitate making the mirrors. The closing date for the competition will be 14 September 2012 and judging will take place in October 12. More details will follow soon and we'll set up a dedicated blogspot for the competition.
Do start thinking now - and just to prime the fount of your imagination - here is a late 17th century needlework handheld mirror of oval form, one side depicting James II with a crown, orb and sceptre, which sold for £2,875 inclusive of buyer's premium recently at Bonhams. But don't be afraid - this is open to all needleworkers wherever you are, and you can use cross stitch, temari, sashiko, quilting, knitting, crochet, stumpwork.....anything with a needle. I hope you will experience great pleasure and excitement in discovering what you can achieve with your needle and your mirror will be a true reflection of your art. Click on the flying angel below to be kept up to date with competition news.


  1. Is there a measurement for the handheld mirror to go by? Or is it one that one can pick up from the local store?

    Thanks for the opportunity to do this, it sounds like a lot of fun!
    Hugs and Love,
    Jennifer from Honesdale

  2. I'm so pleased you like this! There's no precise measurement - the mirror can be square, oval, round, rectangular - but an area that is about postcard size-ish.

  3. Wow, wish I had twice as many hours in a day ;0 I can't wait to see the entries! This is going to be a lot of fun to enjoy from the side lines!

  4. i think just for the fun of it i will toss around some ideas in my head, on paper and who knows maybe i will come up with something. i think it has to be about the try and not the first prize. of course we all would love to win. and the best part would be coming away with a stitched handheld mirror. great fun great idea!!!

  5. Interesante... hummm estare atenta, Es decir que lo importante es que quepa en una cartera? no importa el tamaño??? ni como se acabe? seduce esta competencia

  6. A lovely idea J!! somehow I missed this post, but will not participate because my designing skills are nil lol:)) Anyway Sarah is winking at me:)