Tuesday 10 January 2012

Amy Mitten On-Line Tutorials * Starting 25 January 2012

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Just a reminder that Winders Keepers are three new projects by Amy Mitten, one of Canada's great stitching designers - as if I needed to say....
These projects offer countless learning opportunities in one project. The chart, stitch diagrams and instructions are in a black & white PDF, which you can print for easy reference. Registration also provides a link to a password protected Tutorial Website containing step-by-step photos and some video clips to guide you through the complete project. This will provide you with a virtual hands-on experience of participating in a needlework class. For those that wish to print some or all of the color photos from the website, a downloadable PDF for all of the stitching and finishing instructional photos shown in the Tutorial will also be available. There is a Journal on the Tutorial Website where Amy will post notes on her inspirations for the design, supplementary historical information related to the project, answer student questions, and post project pictures submitted by students
The are three different themed projects: Quaker, Vierlander and Friesland. The Vierlander style Winders' Keeper seen here with the special black velum is sold out now owing to limited velum supplies. The good news is a new edition has been created using fabulous red velum that coordinates very well with the Vierlander colors. All new orders will be shipped with materials to make the 8 silk winders in red and there is also some red silk included to add a few red accents to the motifs.
At the top of this post you can see examples of the outside of the projects and below the interiors which show you the incredible attention to the design details.
And, I mustn't forget the numerous little accessories, the draw string toggles, the pin-balls and the interior of the thread winders. Click here for more details now.
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  1. I have been a bad girl J! signed up for the Frisian one, but also love the Quaker, but no no no, SH is still winking at me :))

  2. Dear Jacqueline,
    You are quite the enabler. After thinking about it for a day or two during December, I registered for the Quaker Winders Keeper.