Saturday 21 January 2012

Exeter Royal Albert Memorial Museum On-Line Collection

The latest in the list of museums offering on-line collections is the Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Exeter, UK. There are only a small number of samplers. Above is one worked between 1680 - 1710.
This one by Anna Maria Smales worked in St David, Exeter, Devon lists the names of children born to Thomas and Ann Smales England, Europe between 1808 and 1828 and also a corresponding list of their deaths, and that of Thomas aged 43.
This interesting cloth of 1470-1510 was originally a vestment worn by priests. It was saved during the Reformation in Exeter by changing its use to a coffin cover. It is made from silk, linen and canvas, embroidered with silver-gilt threads and silk, in green, yellow, red, blue and black. I think we can have no idea of the amount of fine embroidery lost during the reformation hopefully, we continue to make up for it! To search the database for yourself, simply click here.


  1. I can`t seem to bring up a sampler in the search engine...I used the words 'sampler' 'stitched' 'needlework' and 'silk'. Nada.

  2. Thanks for all the links to the online collections. It is great to see so many museums and galleries, large and small, opening up their treasures to a much wider audience than those who can actually physically come through their doors.