Friday, 31 December 2010

1773 Signed Pinball For Auction at Woolley and Wallis * Salisbury * 11 January

A date for your new 2011 diary - 11 January - because this is the day a George III knitted pin cushion worked in alternating striped bands by Sarah Hider at Hawkhurst (about 10 miles south of Yalding) in 1773 will be auctioned by Woolley and Wallis. It has a diameter of approximately 2.25in (5.5cm). Also comprising Lot 441 with this pinball is a sweet miniature sampler measuring just 2.75in (6.8cm)sq, stitched by by Jane Ling of Yalding (near Maidstone in Kent) and is dated May 13th 1805. Estimates £80-£120.
Another item, Lot 35, is this interesting Charles II embroidered silk picture measuring 11.25 x 14.5in (28.5 x 36.7cm). The central subject is a lady hoding a bouquet beneath an arch which is seen on many embroidered pictures of this period. What makes this more interesting are the painted portraits, top right and left occupying the centres of two raised work flowers. These are thought to be Charles II and Catherine of Braganza - but to my eye the portraits both appear to be of females. Were these family portraits? The estimate for this sadly damaged piece is £800-1,200. And you can visit this sale by clicking here.

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