Wednesday 22 December 2010

Musea Oost-Vlaanderen Collection On-Line

There are around 140 samplers in the collection of the Musea Oost-Vlaanderen which you can enjoy on-line. Here is just a small taste. I was very impressed with these two darning samplers which are very densely laid and display many decorative damask designs I have not seen on samplers before. To see these you should enter stoplap in the search box.

Here is an example of a pronkerolle or souvenir de ma jeunesse. These long samplers were built up example by example throughout the student's time at school and then were stitched onto a long band of backing fabric so that they could be roled up and saved for future reference or admiration. To see more of these then enter lap into the search box.
This is one of my favourite pieces and is beautifully worked. To see more examples like this and more traditional samplers then enter merklap in the search box.
Just click on this link to start your search.


  1. these look lovely,, thanks for the link! I must go explore it! m

  2. I just had to stop by and say Happy Holidays to you and yours.. I so enjoy your blog..