Saturday 18 December 2010

Gift Shopping at the National Gallery London

Many of you will know that you can buy lots of lovely items on-line from the V&A Museum in London, but you may not realise that many other galleries and museums also have lovely items for you to purchase - all of which help to fund the museums.
Many of the gifts are interesting and quirky and not the sort of thing you could walk into just any shop to buy. In fact many items are based upon the museum's own artifacts.
When I didn't have working lunches, I used to love popping down Pall Mall where I worked to visit the National Gallery - and I usually came out with more books than when I went in!
In addition to all the wonderful art books, there are many gifts that would not break the bank. Just click on any of the images to see more details or click here to visit the National Gallery's Shop - particularly if Trafalgar Square and Nelson's Column are a little too distant for you to visit!

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