Tuesday 7 December 2010

Threads that Bind - Rosalind Wyatt and the Quaker Tukes of York

It seems incredible to find this thread - Rosalind Wyatt's work, inspired by the work in the Prinzhorn collection, is also connected to the Retreat founded 1796 in York by the Quaker William Tuke. Rosalind's husband's great-great grandfather was Daniel Hack Tuke (1827-1895) who with his wife (who bears another well-known Quaker name - Esther Stickney) travelled around European asylums and wrote of their experiences to Daniel's father, Samuel Tuke. Amongst their correspondence was this 18th century bodice which Rosalind used to stitch the story of Daniel and Esther, using their letters. On another piece, Rosalind tells the story of Hester Sainsbury (nee Tuke) who had a passionate love affair with the Japanese poet Torahiko Kori. Do visit her site to see her work and read these stories for yourself.

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