Wednesday 15 December 2010

Free Chart Download - Kathy's Northern Nights

I am delighted to offer you this free download courtesy of Kathy from deep in the Rocky Mountains. It is howlingly bitter here in the depths of gentle Surrey and we have just heard we have not had the worst - that is being saved up for a nice, icy weekend. There are strange animal noises outside too, but no howling wolves - at least not yet! This sampler evokes the depths of winter in a way few samplers do. How glad I am to be by the log stove with a pot of steaming tea to hand. Kathy says that this sampler is her first design - living in the cold northern Rocky Mountains, she wanted a piece that would make one feel the cold of such a place at night in winter, but with the warmth of the lights from windows glowing from a hearth. The two 'wolves' are her Anatolian shepherds doing their customary howling on such nights. Her sampler became particularly meaningful when she had to put her oldest one to sleep a few weeks ago. I am very proud of Kathy because she wanted to show that even an old doll without a lot of computer savvy can make such things from the Needleprint Infinity kit. Well done Kathy - and thank you from all of us for sharing.

To download your free chart PDF just click here. For a larger colour image just click on the picture.
To visit Kathy's blog, click here. And for more about the Infinity Starter Kit which includes software and editable versions of the Beatrix Potter and Mary Wigham samplers, just click here.


  1. All my thanks to you, Jacqueline, for the software that made it so easy even I could do it and for all of your patience in answering so many questions when I first started.

    I hope it will encourage like minded stitchers to give designing a try!

  2. So pretty - thank you, Kathy!


  3. Is very pretty!
    Thank you so much.
    Merry Christmas!

  4. Bonjour et merci beaucoup pour ce cadeau

  5. It's lovely but shame there's no colour key to the chart.

  6. thanks what a great job for your first computer chart. amazing

  7. You will find Kathy's colour chart on her blog - do go visit.

  8. I love this chart!
    Thank you so much!

  9. Thanks to you all for your very kind comments. The color chart for this download and for the pdf charts I'm happy to send to anyone requesting them are at
    Gracewood Stitches

  10. Hello
    Thank you so much for this beautifull chart.
    In France, it's cold to.
    At the moment, i'm stitching the Mary Wigham chart of gaze de soie : what a plaisir !
    I which you a Merry Christmas.
    I'm so sorry for my bad english...
    Kiss from France

  11. Thank you very much. it's a lovely and beautiful pattern.

    Happy Stitching Anita

  12. This is stunning and I cannot wait to start it. Also now not so afraid to use the Program JGG Cross Stitch. Thanks Kathy, keep them coming.

  13. Kat, I really hope you'll take the plunge and try the JGG Cross Stitch software. I'm on my next project, Heart Note Alley, and you can follow its creation on my blog Gracewood Stitches

    I'll be showing the various ways the software helps in designing your own charts.