Saturday 25 December 2010

Weaving a Nativity Story in the German Tradition

Meg Andrews has some wonderful textiles for sale - including woven items like this 19th century reversible weave blue and white cloth depicting scenes from the Nativity. Here you can see a detail of the Three Kings (who  look as though they have yet to gain consensus upon direction). You can find them on the main cloth beneath the shepherds and their flocks and the row of stables beneath the stars. (Now I understand why the Kings look so bemused when they have so much choice!)
This is a huge cloth and is some 5.5 feet square.
I hope you are having a lovely festive day.


  1. This is very special, I never saw something like that.
    Have a nice holiday!

  2. They are beautiful.
    A very MERRY Christmas for you.