Sunday 12 December 2010

Bless This House - and Bless Your House - Free Chart

I am feeling very guilty because someone asked me a little while ago if I could make them a house chart for their daughter. The email came in with my usual daily dose of around 200 emails and I put it on one side to come back to when I had a little less on my to-do list. So, in September, in all good faith I set to work. Then I couldn't decide on the colour scheme to stitch. Then when I did, and put thread to linen, something else major came through the door and I had to put it down.....and there it has stayed. And what is worse I can no longer find the email of the person who requested the house. So I do hope you are out there and don't feel too let down. I am sorry. But here is something for you now..... Just click on the image you prefer for a larger working image and feel free to change the colours as you wish.


  1. How lovely Jacqueline, I wished there were more hours in the day:) but will stitch this one day!
    Happy Christmas.

  2. Thank you for your kind sharing. merry Christmas.