Saturday 1 January 2011

Happy New 450th Year to The Broderers' Company, London

A brand spanking New Year (I am not quite sure how spanking became entwined in our vocabulary - but there it is and awaits enlightenment from someone, please.) This is a very special year for the Worshipful Company of Broderers' - in May they will be celebrating their 450th year since founding. Although it was a powerful trade company at the beginning of its life when awarded a Charter from Queen Elizabeth I - and played a great role in establishing fair dealing (if founded today it might be called OfBrod) there are probably few if any practising embroiderers who are livery members today. For shame! However, members do a great deal of good by supporting the Royal School of Needlework and other charitable projects. In their 450th year they are fund-raising to help poor and underprivileged young people via the Gateway project. And there will be a special competition to commemorate the 450th year - to design a commemorative hand embroidered table-top Lectern Fall. The design will be interpreted in hand embroidery by the experts at the Royal School of Needlework. We shall look forward to seeing the winner in due course.
In the meantime, I would like to wish you and your loved ones a Happy and Healthy New Year.


  1. Thank you for your very interesting blogs over the year 2010.
    I wish you a happy, healthy and creative 2011 !

  2. Thank-you for all the effort you put into your blog and sharing it with us. I wonder if the association of spanking with new has anything to do with the practice of "spanking" a newborn baby to encourage it to take its first breath.