Monday 17 January 2011

Samplers & More from Tennants Leyburn * 22 January 2011

Tennants have some interesting items in their upcoming sale on 22 January. If you are interested in any of the pieces, please remember you must register ahead of the sale to bid. The first picture is of Lot 1181 - An unframed Alphabet Sampler By Margaret Loftus aged 11, dated 1826 with baskets of flowers and lions, measuring 30 cms by 30 cms plus a small alphabet sampler worked in red cross stitch by S Featherstonhaugh on January 1835, which measures 13 cms by 14 cms plus an oval embroidered card with punched holes tied with pink ribbon cross stitched with `Court Plaister` to one side and `To Dear Papa` on the reverse, 9 cms by 6.5 cms. The estimates for this three item lot are: £100 - £150.
Lot 1198 above is very special. This sampler was worked by Jane Geddes in 1772. And is further inscribed 'Jane Geddes: Daughter to John & Ann Geddes' and 'her sampler: Taught by her mother Gibralter 22 September 1772'. It measures 45.5 cms by 45.5 cms. The British took over rule of Gibraltar in 1704 and presumably Jane's family was garrisoned there. I am sure further research would provide an interesting insight. The estimate for this unusual sampler is £800 - £1,200.
This third sampler is Lot 1196 and was worked by Martha Lello Aged 9 In 1808 at Aston School. Its verse: 'No burial did these pretty babes or any man receiv. till robin red-breast painfully did cover them with leaves'. It measures 35 cms by 45 cms and the estimate is: £150 - £250.
Lot 1047 looks a fun assortment. It includes two carved knitting sheaths; a mauchline ware needle holder; a tartan ware bodkin case; a gilt tooled leather needle case with space for a photograph; four 'Tour Eiffel' card thread holders; a treen miniature tape measure; and a mother-of-pearl needle case. The estimate is £80-120.
If you love knitting sheaths then Lot 1056 also has some rather nice 19th century brass mounted Gull Wing knitting sheaths plus another with a carved handle. The estimate here is: £80-120.
This final lot 1130 with an estimate of £200-£300 is an early 19th Century straw work letter case designed in an envelope style with a blue silk ground embroidered with straw work and silk threads, depicting foliate motifs, dogs, birds, coronet and two entwined love hearts. It measures 17.5 cms by 10 cms. This is reputedly made Princess Charlotte Augusta of Wales (1796-1817), the only child of George Prince of Wales and Caroline Brunswick who unfortunately died at the young age of 21 during child birth. It was passed to the current vendor from a relation John Henry Nicholas Peel a former Managing Director of Brooke Bond Tea. Just click here to see the full catalogue. Happy Bidding!


  1. You find the most wonderful textiles, love the samplers.


  2. There are some lovely things for sale in this auction but I do love that little red sampler!

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    I bought a project 16th and paid by paypal, I have not response can you tell me why. sorry Ihaven't any mail to join you, thank you very much
    Evelyne Létisse

  4. Dear Evelyne - I am so pleased you contacted me - we have been trying to email you on your elet email account and we are receiving failure messages from your server. Please can you click on the flying angel on the right hand side of the blog and let me have an alternative eail address for you.

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  5. What an intriguing lot of items. What is a "knitting sheath"? Wish I had unlimited funds to do some bidding! Thanks for all the lovely items you find to show us.