Thursday 27 January 2011

There are Embroidered Cabinets and then there are Embroidered Cabinets

It is very easy to become blasé, or superior even, when one has the privilege to study Stuart embroidered boxes and caskets. However, nothing really prepared me for seeing something quite as wonderful as this cabinet in the Rockoxhuis, Antwerp, which has mounted on all its doors and drawers the most superb raised panels of animals and baskets of fruit. These cabinets were intended to house medals or coins - and I say cabinets (plural) because there are two further examples in Ghent. Click here for more information.


  1. Oh, Wow! And I thought I had discovered the mother of all needlework caskets -- here is a link to the picture:

    They are both beautiful. Thanks for the information about what they were really used for. I was thinking that the person who stitched these panels for the cabinets must really be an avid stitcher! Now I know it was to house medals and coins.


  2. Oh WOW!! I would love to have that gracing my living room! How gorgeous is that???